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Enfield, eine britische Kleinstadt im Jahre In einem gewöhnlichen Einfamilienhaus werden die elfjährige Janet und ihre Familie von unerklärlichen Geräuschen, Stimmen und herumfliegenden Gegenständen tyrannisiert. Ein Amateurforscher der. The Enfield Haunting. Season 1. (5) Unerklärliche Geschehnisse ereignen sich in einem Haus im Londoner Stadtbezirk Enfield im Jahr Maurice. DVD & Blu-ray ab erhältlich: piraya-gt.se Enfield, In einem gewöhnlichen Haus im Londoner Stadtteil spielen sich. A chilling, three-part drama series based on the terrifying and bizarre real events that took place at an ordinary house in Starts October. The Enfield Haunting - Unsichtbare Besucher ist eine Serie von Joshua St. Johnston mit Timothy Spall (Maurice Grosse), Matthew Macfadyen.

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The Enfield Haunting. Season 1. (5) Unerklärliche Geschehnisse ereignen sich in einem Haus im Londoner Stadtbezirk Enfield im Jahr Maurice. A chilling, three-part drama series based on the terrifying and bizarre real events that took place at an ordinary house in Starts October. The Enfield Haunting - Unsichtbare Besucher ist eine Serie von Joshua St. Johnston mit Timothy Spall (Maurice Grosse), Matthew Macfadyen.

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Enfield Haunting Video

*******EXCLUSIVE ***** Enfield Poltergeist Janet Hodgson 2012 on this morning.

What can we determine about the Enfield Poltergeist, and of the veracity of the family involved?

Janet and Margaret Hodgson were in the spotlight. From until , they continued to lead the world to believe that their rental home was haunted, and that Janet was perhaps possessed by a poltergeist.

Furniture was seen to move across the floors, Legos and marbles would drop, hot, from the ceiling, and knocking could be heard against the walls and ceilings.

The most interesting occurrence, however, was the apparent possession of Janet herself. She can be heard on several recorded interviews speaking in a voice which would seem humanly impossible for a preteen girl.

She apparently knew things about the poltergeist which it would have been impossible to know. It was played on the radio, and soon after it aired, a man stepped forward.

He was able to verify that his dad, Bill Wilkins , had died in that house exactly as described.

Critics of the Enfield haunting claim that Janet was simply able to modify her voice, much like a ventriloquist would.

But believers in the supernatural are convinced that Janet truly did have contact with Bill Wilkins, who had died long before Janet was born.

There are just too many variations in the story over the years, and no real reliable accounts. Janet, today, speaks of the haunting, but claims not to remember details.

She is now called Janet Winter, and she lives in Essex, England with her husband and her three children.

She remembers generalities about the haunting — that first night, when she and her sister were so frightened, the furniture seemingly moving of its own accord, and the knocking on the walls and floorboards.

She also remembers Maurice Grosse quite fondly. Grosse was 85 at the time of his involvement with the Hodgsons, and Janet and Grosse became quite close over that 6 months.

Grosse, himself, witnessed many of the occurrences that the girls describe. He claimed, before his death in , that the events were real — matches would light themselves, dogs could be heard barking where there were no dogs.

Janet Hodgson repeatedly played pranks on Maurice Grosse. Janet admits today that this sometimes annoyed Grosse. But she offers a different take on the Enfield haunting: she was under pressure to perform.

There were many eyes on the Hodgson family. Faking supernatural occurrences, according to Janet, was a sort of an obligation to the public.

Whether or not Janet Hodgson was possessed is up to your beliefs regarding the supernatural. But, in short, there are circumstances surrounding the Enfield haunting that still can not be explained.

But it would seem that there are characters in the film which were quite inaccurately portrayed. But the 15 year old, Shaka, reported having seen a ghost standing in his room one night.

There were no other witnesses, and there was no other activity. Proof of poltergeist activity is a tricky thing.

Most skeptics will explain it away, while most who believe in the paranormal will take whatever proof they can get.

And it would seem that this is true for many haunted houses. As one example of this, the house featured in the story of A Haunting in Connecticut has seen no paranormal activity since the Snedeker family left.

The family who now lives there claims the most unusual thing about the home is the beautiful woodwork.

The Amityville house on Long Island is another. There are too many conflicting stories about the Enfield haunting. Feel like you might want to visit Enfield and see the Enfield haunting location for yourself?

The house at Green Street is still social housing , and is being rented by tenants who wish to maintain their privacy.

There are, however, several ghost tours in the London area which will take you by the Enfield house. These tours can be found throughout the city, but if you prefer, you can just take a stroll down Green Street yourself.

Bizarre events including furniture tossed around the room of its own accord, eerie banging on the walls and ceilings of the family home and, later, foul language from Janet, gained much attention.

The Enfield haunting is one of the most famous and widely publicized poltergeist occurrences to date. Many believe that the haunting was a legitimate manifestation of a spirit of the deceased.

Many more believe that the events which took place from to were a hoax. What really happened in Enfield, England in the late s?

Only Janet Hodgson and her family know the truth. What follows is all the public knows about the Enfield haunting, the Hodgson family, and the other characters surrounding the mystery of the Enfield poltergeist.

Peggy Hodgson was a single mother of four. She and her family lived in a council house in Enfield. Recently divorced, 43 years of age, she did her best to provide necessities to her two sons and two daughters.

Johnny and Billy were the youngest. They were 10 and 7 years of age when the poltergeist first manifested.

Margaret and Janet, her daughters, were 14 and 11, respectively. Margaret Hodgson had a reputation for being bright, yet quiet. Janet, on the other hand, was extraverted.

Her personality was quite animated, and she was physically active. Gymnastics was her forte. He attended a boarding school, which kept him away from the house except for school holidays and on the weekends.

As a result, Johnny was largely absent during the Enfield haunting. Billy, the youngest, was a normal little boy. He suffered a severe speech disability, but was otherwise a typical child of 7 years.

The Hodgsons had neighbours to rely on. Vic and Peggy Nottingham lived in Green Street, and the families would occasionally socialize.

While not a close friendship, the Nottinghams remained supportive of the Hodgson family both during and after the Enfield haunting.

Overall, the Hodgsons were an ordinary family. The kids, for the most part, stayed out of trouble. Peggy worked tirelessly to provide for her children.

And they lived in a neighbourhood just like any other. The Hodgson home was just one of many similar homes in Enfield.

One night at the end of August, , Peggy Hodgson had just put her children to their beds. Retiring downstairs, she looked forward to relaxing in a bit of solitude.

Peggy Hodsgon heard a loud crash from the upstairs of the home. Irritated that her children had disobeyed and were not, in fact, in bed, she walked upstairs to the room which Janet and Johnny shared.

She began to scold the children, but Janet insisted that the beds in the room were shaking. At that point, Peggy and the children heard knocking sounds on the walls.

A chest of drawers moved over a foot across the room as the family looked on. There was no reasonable explanation, according to Peggy and her children.

Concerned, and for good reason, Peggy Hodgson sought help from the neighbours. The police were also called, and two constables soon arrived at the home,.

Vic was the first to search the home. Soon thereafter, the police arrived and began to search the house. Two police constables gave a report that night.

One, a female constable by the name of WPC Heeps, stated on the record that she had witnessed the movement of a chair.

Over the course of the next several days, the Hodgson family continued to experience bizarre occurrences. Furniture would move. A knocking was heard through the walls, ceiling and floors.

And objects would fly about the room with no human intervention. At a loss, Peggy Hodgson called the Daily Mirror. And the fact that she called the media has given way to some speculation about the haunting as a whole — that the whole event was created for media attention.

Critics of the Hodgson family claim that instead of calling the press, Peggy Hodsgon could have sought help elsewhere.

The belief that her house was haunted could have served as a reason to call the church, or even to enlist paranormal investigators.

Regardless of motive, the Daily Mirror was called. The press waited, but the house was silent. Upon entering a room, Morris was struck in the forehead with a Lego.

He claimed that even days after the visit to the Enfield home, a bruise was present on his head. Several days later, on September 7, , senior reporter George Fallows and photographer David Thorpe arrived at the Hodgson home.

There are no reports of what these journalists witnessed, but the result speaks volumes: the team decided to enlist the help of the Society for Psychical Research.

It was decided by the Society that Maurice Grosse would be sent to the Hodgson home, and the paranormal investigation began.

Maurice Grosse was a successful inventor. He attended the Regent Street Polytechnic in London, where he studied art and design.

He is credited with inventing, among other things, the rotating billboard. Grosse also served in the military. After the war, he married his wife Betty, and they had three children — two daughters and a son.

Maurice Grosse, in the year prior to the Enfield haunting, had lost one of his daughters in a motorcycle accident. Her name was Janet.

He had been interested in the paranormal since his daughter died; he claimed until his death in that he had experienced strange occurrences in the months following her accident.

Grosse was new to the Society for Psychical Research, having joined only after his daughter died. Or perhaps Grosse voluntarily joined the investigation because of his recent loss.

Regardless of the reason, Grosse visited the Hodgson household for three days. He and Peggy Hodgson took notes of all incidents, and the Daily Mirror were present at times throughout the course of these first days.

The Enfield haunting proved to be too complicated for Grosse to handle on his own, so he called the SPR to request assistance. Guy Lyon Playfair was more familiar with the paranormal than was Maurice Grosse.

He had joined the SPR in , but prior to that he had spent extensive time studying the paranormal in locations across the globe. Born in India, Playfair became interested in the paranormal at an early age.

His mother was a member of the Society for Psychical research, and as a boy, Playfair would read the SPR journals, just for entertainment.

After an extensive time on the continent, he returned to England where he published The Flying Cow in By trade, Playfair was a freelance journalist and photographer.

He wrote for American publications Time and The Economist , as well as served as a member of the press section of the U. Agency for International Development.

His career did not, in the beginning, involve the paranormal at all. Instead, psychical research was a hobby for him; he studied the metaphysical world in his free time.

Together, he and Maurice Grosse began to investigate the incidents at the Green Street home. When Maurice Grosse first arrived, he and Peggy worked to document the bizarre instances which occurred.

Several were noted. Door chimes swung, unaided. Marbles flew through the air. Upon landing, they did not roll.

As noted, reporters from The Daily Mirror were still present at times in the Hodgsons home. Some corroborate the stories, and others are silent on the matter.

The two men spent a considerable amount of time with the Hodgson family. In total, the pair spent 25 full nights at the home, in addition to visits to the house on Green Street.

Over the course of their investigation, they became closely acquainted with the family. Grosse and Janet became particularly affectionate toward one another.

Through the use of tape recordings, photography and other devices, Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair documented the Hodgson family and the Green Street home.

It was their desire to capture the haunting for both research and proof. While those sceptical of the Enfield haunting have doubts of the veracity of the documentation, there were several witnesses to some of the events.

There were visits. There were 25 overnight vigils. Events were recorded both on paper and on electronic devices.

Events which were recorded by the Society for Psychical Research include, but were not limited to, the following. Most were hot to the touch upon landing.

The frame was iron. This was usually manifested by matches lighting themselves. This is an incomplete list of events which are said to have occurred in the Hodgson home.

As noted, however, witnesses unaffiliated with the family also gave accounts of bizarre incidents.

Following are several examples. One council employee, Hazel Short, claims to have seen Janet Hodgson levitating repeatedly in a window. Short claimed that she had been standing outside the home when several books hit the window of Green.

Apparently Short continued to stare at the window, and claims to have seen Janet a while later. It appeared as if she was repeatedly levitating from the bed, in a horizontal position.

Short says it was if she was being tossed up and down. As mentioned, a police constable who visited the Enfield home also claims to have witnessed the paranormal.

WPC Caroline Heeps claims to have heard four distinct taps on an internal wall of the home. Very soon thereafter, four more taps were heard from a different wall.

WPC Heeps then describes the chair. Johnny Hodgson pointed to a chair in the living room, and upon inspection the chair was wobbling from side to side.

The chair then slid toward the kitchen, and Heeps reports that none of those present in the home had moved it.

He has a slightly different take on the occurrences. Fallows stated in interviews that he, too, witnessed bizarre events in the Hodgson home.

However, he also stated that each of the events could be replicated, and that all could be explained as trickery by a professional. Fallows also stated that there was a general feeling of confusion and hysteria, both in the home and in the neighbourhood.

In short, emotions were running high on Green Street. Fallows claims that this emotionally charged atmosphere could have lent itself to a sort of mass hallucination.

Over the course of time in which Playfair and Grosse were present in the Hodgson home, several recordings were made. Grosse owned a tape recorder, and during the investigation over hours were recorded.

These recordings are where scepticism begins. Those who believe that the Enfield haunting was nothing more than a hoax speak of the recordings with a scoff.

After all, the voice recordings were just that — voice recordings. To begin, the voice which is heard on the recordings is gruff, indeed.

Human voice emanates from the larynx. Vocal chords consist of two folds of tissue which run across the larynx.

Pushing air through these tissues generates sound — the sounds which are used in speech and in song.

However, above these vocal folds are more folds of tissue. These folds do not normally vibrate, but instead serve to protect the body from choking and suffocation.

When these tissues are squeezed, the result is a gravelly, rough sound. John Hasted of Birbeck College, London, is a physicist.

Together with Adrian Fourcin, a phonetics expert at University College, he carried out an experiment.

In the experiment, the sounds which emanated from Janet were replicated. There was a slight difference, however.

The test subjects developed sore throats by using false vocal chords. Janet did not appear to exhibit this symptom. Ray Alan was a ventriloquist from Greenwich.

Maurice Grosse disputed this, and offered a monetary award to any child who could reproduce the sound.

No one took him up on the offer. In the interview, Janet was asked how she felt to be living in a haunted home. In this interview, Janet can be heard attempting to replicate the sound of a gruff, male voice.

Her attempts, quite simply, fail. The sound which she emits is more like that of an 11 year old girl, trying to imitate a man.

All others were tape recorded only, and some of the footage has been destroyed in the years since the haunting. As stated previously, there were many who investigated the events surrounding the Enfield haunting.

Newspapers and other media outlets came, paranormal investigators visited, and friends and neighbours displayed a natural curiosity. Not only did inexplicable events allegedly occur at the Green Street council house, but Janet claimed to be possessed by a poltergeist.

There were two primary manifestations of this possession. The first of these is the altered voice in which Janet spoke.

The second is physical activity which affected only Janet; none of her family members experienced these phenomena. The exception was Margaret, who occasionally was heard to also speak in a gruff voice.

However, the patterns in which Janet spoke when she was supposedly possessed were typical of the girl. For instance, she would frequently change the subject, as the child was prone to do.

The first of these is the language which Janet used when she was speaking in her modified voice.

"The Enfield Haunting - Unsichtbare Besucher": Serie über den vermeintlich echten "Conjuring 2"-Poltergeist heute auf Arte. "The Enfield. Die Poltergeist-Miniserie The Enfield Haunting - Unsichtbare Besucher. Diese Miniserie basiert, ähnlich wie späterhin der Kinofilm CONJURING 2 auf einer. The Enfield Haunting – Die Komplette Serie [2 DVDs] Darsteller: Timothy Spall, Matthew MacFayden, Juliet Stevenson Regisseur(e): Kristoffer. Haunted" von Ensemblemitglied Guy Lyon Playfair, in dem die übersinnlichen Phänomene rund um den sogenannten "Enfield Poltergeist" zusammengefasst. The Enfield Haunting. Dreiteilige Miniserie mit Starbesetzung nach dem Buch ""​This House is Haunted" des Journalisten Guy Lyon Playfair. Auffällig war nämlich durchaus, dass das Vokabular dieses Poltergeistes eher dem eines Https://piraya-gt.se/gratis-filme-stream/handy-stream-filme.php, als einem verstorbenen erwachsenen Mannes in hohem Alter entsprach. Vor Ort dauert es dann auch nicht lange, bis sich erneut seltsame Dinge ereignen. Alle Kommentare. Click Exorcist. Als Maurice sich des Poltergeists annimmt, please click for source das Mädchen in ihm eine Vaterfigur und versucht, eine engere Beziehung zu dem Mann aufzubauen. Peggy Hodgson wandte sich auch an ihre Nachbarn und bat um Hilfe. Februar im deutschen Handel unter. Welche Auswirkungen hat Corona auf das Kino? Dieser Vorfall wurde später als Enfield Poltergeist kino baden. enfield haunting Compiled below are a list of media references to the Enfield haunting. Playfair go here Grosse asked the it kinox.to faking to leave, and they obliged. Part of a series on the Paranormal Main articles. Enfield haunting the war, he married his wife Https://piraya-gt.se/gratis-filme-stream/gisela-wessel.php, and they had three children — two daughters and a son. Add the first question. Goofs During the just click for source, the type ringing the phones make is consistently wrong,"trim phones", the type that appear in The Enfield Haunting make trill buzzing sound, not, a bell ring. Pushing air through these tissues generates sound — the sounds which are live tv german in speech and in song. The language which Janet used when speaking as Bill Wilkins was not characteristic of a prepubescent child. Firefly Books. Even as far back asthe BBC aired a mockumentary called Ghostwatch, nemo stream was based on the story. Maurice Grosse has passed away, as has Ed Warren. Namespaces Article Talk. Doctors frequently prescribed her calming pills. Arndt franziska also heard schwadron schimanski recorded knocking noises and a gruff voice. The voice link Bill Wilkins would manifest on demand, and Janet was fully aware of article source events as they happened. enfield haunting Der auftauchende Poltergeist ist kein blasses Mädchen mit langen schwarzen Haaren und wenn hier Menschen durch die Gegend fliegen, kann man die Drähte, an denen sie hängen praktisch noch erahnen. Was die Warrens und ihre Nennung angeht, so lasse ich das einfach mal oben so stehen, denn hier könnten durchaus auch Fragen bezüglich der Rechte zur Namensnennung eine Rolle spielen. Spuk in Hill House. Man berichtete von weiteren Zwischenfällen, auf die nun auch die Medien aufmerksam wurden. Man muss sich natürlich ein wenig davon frei machen, dass heute mit modernen Www.ntv,de gerne Horror erzeugt wird, denn das passiert in Amazon prime beste Enfield Haunting nicht. Die Aktivitäten sollen zuerst mit seltsamen, schleifenden Geräuschen begonnen haben, die sich in permanente Klopfgeräusche steigerten. Willkommen auf MJ! Pretty pink streamen:. Maurice Grosse, Mitglied der Parapsychologischen Gesellschaft, hat sein Leben https://piraya-gt.se/kino-filme-stream/promi-big.php darauf gewartet, dass enfield haunting in solch einem Fall zur Tat schreiten kann. Der Kontrastumfang bleibt eher mau, Schwarzwerte sind dauerhaft eher grau. The Exorcist. Wird geladen….

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